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who we are

NPO Management is established as a management consulting firm to serve the needs of NonProfit Organizations throughout North Texas. We strive to strike the perfect balance between local, attentive service and professional experience and expertise. We also strive to develop a long-term relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

We provide a personal approach that allows us to become deeply familiar with the details of your organization, which means we develop a thorough understanding of your business.

We have long maintained that with the exception of the volunteer aspect of associations and societies, the management practices of well-run nonprofit organizations are no different from the management practices of successful for-profit organizations. We have developed best practices in areas of governance, strategic planning, financial management, internal control and fraud prevention and have been able to contribute in areas such as membership development, marketing, communications and fundraising, core areas critical to the stability and viability of the organization.

what we sell

The firm will offer services in three major fields:



NPO Management specializes in nonprofit bookkeeping and reporting services. We have the skills and experience to assist you with everything from accounts payable and receivable to payroll, budgeting, bank reconciliations and more.

We understand that maintaining cash flow is vital to any nonprofit, and we're here to help. While you focus on managing and growing your organization, we'll work to streamline your accounting functions and keep your books clean and up to date. And we'll deliver comprehensive financial reports presented in a user-friendly format so you always know where your resources are going.


NPO Management serves the tax preparation, planning and compliance needs of a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. Not only can we prepare your form 990 tax returns but we can assist you with the more complex tax issues facing nonprofits today. We're highly trained in the unique tax requirements for nonprofit organizations including public reporting and disclosure, state and local tax filing requirements, and "planned giving".

Our goal is to retain your tax-exempt status so your resources go towards accomplishing your organization’s goals and objectives, instead of the IRS. It's critical that your accounting system is set up to track these reporting requirements accurately in order to keep your tax exempt status and we'll ensure that this is being done properly.

We'll also keep you informed of any income-generating activities that could incur tax liability so they can be avoided. And if your organization needs to file for tax exempt status, we make it easy by preparing all the required paperwork and filing the application on your behalf.


Many nonprofits cannot afford to hire full-time, experienced financial professionals. NPO Management offers outsourced controller and CFO services to all kinds of nonprofit organizations at reasonable rates.

A good CFO offers sound financial oversight that will help you minimize expenses and funnel more of your resources towards your goals in the community. We offer reliable financial strategies designed to streamline operations, manage funding more effectively, regulate cash flow and improve internal controls.

We will make sure you’re always clearly informed of your financial status. We’ll compile meaningful financial reports presented in way you can use to manage your budget. We also understand how to help you meet the very specific reporting requirements needed for government and private sector grants. We’ll ensure your bookkeeping is up to date and all the necessary data is being recorded accurately so you can maintain your funding from these grants.


In recent years we have witnessed several nonprofit organizations being victimized by acts of fraud and abuse. Large and small nonprofits have been impacted and in certain respects, we are even more disgusted when we hear about a small local charity operating on a shoe-string budget being victimized by fraud than when it happens in a large organization.

So both small and large organizations´ Board members must take action to prevent fraud and abuse before the public´s trust is lost. NPO Management offers fraud prevention consulting, internal control reviews and forensic examination services to prevent the occurrence of issues involving misrepresentation of facts, breach of fiduciary responsibilities or omission of critical facts.


Charities, foundations, churches and other nonprofit organizations face many complex challenges that can threaten their very survival. NPO Management offers expertise in management consulting services designed to help nonprofits organizations achieve a balance between stewardship of their resources and effective development of charitable and business revenues.

We understand that problems at a struggling nonprofit organization often begin at the operational level. We develop targeted performance improvement strategies designed to reduce expenses and maximize resources for nonprofits large and small. We'll help you boost your operational performance, stabilize cash flow, tighten up internal controls and get a firm grip your finances. We'll provide the leadership, guidance and expertise that you need to fulfill your mission to serve the community.


NPO Management provide the interim professional leadership that nonprofits so often need. Staff departures and extended leave can prevent an organization from carrying out vital functions. When key staff departs or health matters cause your organization to need interim work and expertise, we can fill the gap until a permanent solution is found.

Smaller nonprofits deserve the same quality of professional talent as larger organizations. However, many key skills are not really necessary on a full-time basis. Historically, smaller companies employ full-time executives in a few crucial areas, while leaving other functions to inexperienced staff or adding one more duty to the Executive Director. The end result is often an under-managed function in even the best situation. Let NPO Management provides the expertise you need without the full-time cost.

who we serve

NPO Management is dedicated helping nonprofits fulfill their missions. We are committed to helping many different kinds of nonprofit organizations budget their funds and keep control of expenses. We keep the financial end of your organization in order so you can focus on helping people in your community.

We work with the following types of nonprofit organizations:



Churches, mosques, temples, and other faith-based organizations are important components of every neighborhood. While you focus on getting to know your parishioners and growing your memberships, we will ensure that your financial records are accurately maintained.

We can streamline church accounting functions and keep their books organized and up to date. Our weekly and monthly reports will give you a clear and concise picture of your expenses and assets so you’re always informed. We’ll also give you the peace of mind you get by knowing that a qualified professional is evaluating your internal controls and overseeing your financial transactions.


Many charities and foundations are formed in response to a need recognized by members of the community. We offer these types of organizations a full menu of services designed to manage their expenses efficiently so they can accomplish the most good. We can assist animal rescue facilities, environmental conservation groups, performing arts, museums, and historical societies and others.


Membership organizations of all sizes such as chamber of commerce and trade associations will benefit from our knowledge of internal controls, bookkeeping practices, and other ways to simplify your administrative functions.

about us

Oscar Mary is Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of RCBM GROUP and NPO Management, its division serving nonprofit organizations. He is also a co-founder of RCBM – AUDITORES & CONSULTORES TRIBUTARIOS (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and GESTION INTEGRAL, its division serving nonprofit organizations.

He has applied his accounting and business experience of over 25 years to a wide range of business and nonprofit organizations, serving them from start-up to growth and expansion.

Oscar is a licensed CPA in Argentina (1980), Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE - United States, 2006) and Certified Internal Control Auditor (TIIC - United States, 2013).

He served as a Board member in different NPOs, including community groups, PTAs and HOAs and as external advisor to religious organizations. His major achievement was with INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL, a worldwide association of independent CPA firms with over 120 members and 3,600 professionals. Oscar joined the Regional Board (Americas / Asia / Australia) in 2002 and the Global Board in 2006. He was appointed Global Chairman (2012-2013) and have led the process of strategically enhancement in governance, planning, finance and membership development.

Oscar chaired the NPO Committee at the Buenos Aires Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 2010/2012. He is professor at UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL – SCHOOL OF EDUCATION (Argentina). Since 2008 he has been teaching different courses to NPO leaders regarding governance, management and financial topics.

He has an active involvement in various Texas organizations: All Saints Catholic Community, Carrollton Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, Centro Argentino DFW and Grupo Internacional Dallas and is a member of local chambers of commerce.

2340 E. Trinity Mills Rd – Suite 300
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P: (972) 478-4373
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E: info@npomgmt.com